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At AgencyRM we work for you. It’s that simple.  We understand that the most important person in our industry is the beneficiary, and next to them is you.  Our goal is to take as much off your plate as we can so that you do what you do best, build relationships, grow your business, provide top notch service to your clients.
One of the biggest consumers of an agent’s time is going through the rigmarole of working with insurance carriers to solve a problem or not knowing where to go to get an answer.  AgencyRM’s Producers Service Department focuses on taking these burdens off your plate with the help of our agent dedicated Service Team as well as personal tools and resources that help agents service their clients more effectively and quickly. 
The Producer Services Team is here to help you.  No issue is too big or too small send our way. Below are several areas where we can help assist you and your clients as well as tools and resources that are available to you.  Don’t hesitate to put us to work!
  Ways our Service Team can assist:

  • Client Service Issues – Bogged down with client issues? Bring them to us and let us work with the carrier to resolve!
  • Client Service Roadblocks – Already working on a client issue with a carrier without resolution?  Let us know, we can usually help push these issues through.
  • Policy Eligibility – Questions over Election Periods or client eligibility for a specific product?  At times agents lose out on an opportunity to sell a policy as they don’t believe the beneficiary has an option.  Contact us if you have questions, we may have an option you haven’t thought of.
  • Carrier Product Knowledge – Wondering if a plan has value added benefits or questions over specific covered services, networks, limitations?  Ask us!
  • New Agent Question/Training – New to the business and have general questions over Medicare, plans options, application completion, compliance?  We can help!
  • Marketing Compliance – Concerned if your marketing materials or website is compliant?  We can review them and make suggestions when needed to keep you out of hot water.
  • Sales & Marketing Events – Conducting effective and compliant sales seminars is always a concern for agents.  We can give you pointers as well as file your events for you.
  • Questions over how to use AgencyRM tools – Do you know all the benefits of your MyAgencyRM portal?  Contact us and learn about the useful tools available!
Tools and Services available:
  • Personal MyAgencyRM Agent Portal – Did you know that you can access a PDF of your submitted applications anytime using your portal?  Need an application but don’t have one?  Download it from your portal.  Want to send an electronic enrollment or SOA to your client?  These options and many more available to you through your MyAgencyRM agent portal.
  • Recorded Training Videos – Watch and learn when you are free! On our Website’s Videos page you’ll find many of our pre-recorded webinars as well as instructional and educational videos that you can watch at your leisure.  The content ranges from tutorials over how to use our tools to introductions and in-depth trainings on carriers and products.
  • Medicare Health Plan Tools – AgencyRM’s website has one convenient location that agents can view all our carrier’s lists of contracted providers, pharmacies, formularies, and more!  This provides agents with a quick and easy way to view several carriers from one location. 
  • Annual Certification Information – Need to know when recertification is available?  We’ve listed all our carrier’s certification availability including links to those that are open! 
  • Events and Webinars – Want a walk through over how to use AgencyRM’s tools?  How to better market yourself and generate leads?  Then join us for one of our training webinars every week!  From navigating your MyAgencyRM portal to learning about exciting new products like Telemedicine and Ancillary products. AgencyRM offers new training webinars on a regular basis to keep you informed and up to date and your portfolio full of the hottest products!
  • Compliant Sales Seminar Presentations – Planning on presenting a Medicare educational seminar, but want to use a non-carrier branded presentation?  We have several compliant Medicare 101 templates that you are free to use and make your own! 
  • Discounted Leads Programs and E&O  – Contact us if you’re interested in learning about discounted lead mailers or agent/agency E&O!
How to reach your AgencyRM Service Team:

The Producer Services Team is here to help and assist you wherever we can.  Be it service for an existing client issue to marketing compliance for your website.  We view every agent as our partner and look to providing you and your clients with superior service.  Put us to work today!


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